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Search Warrants and Computers: New Era for Court of Appeals

This is something REALLYYY interesting, we live in some wild times…

Troy A. Smith

By Barry Kamins

New York Law Journal

June 3, 2013

A few months ago, in a case of first impression, the New York Court of Appeals decided its first computer search case. In People v. DeProspero,

1. The court entered a new era in which courts must evaluate emerging technology under the Fourth Amendment. While some lower state courts, as well as numerous federal circuit appeals courts, have had occasion to discuss the Fourth Amendment implications for electronic devices, this was the court’s first opportunity to address the intersection of digital evidence and search and seizure.

2. Courts are being asked with some frequency to adapt to technology that, until 20 years ago, was non-existent; digital evidence is stored on cell phones, smartphones, GPS devices, tablets and home computers. One commentator has suggested that with respect to the Fourth Amendment, we are now in the same situation that individuals…

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The Social CEO

The Social CEO

I decided that my first post should be on something that I hold near and dear to my heart which is social media. As an internet professional and an avid social media user, I think that there are huge benefits associated with social media that often get overlooked such as the value of associating a face with a brand (that is not a celebrity). This article I found on Digiday illustrates this point perfectly. Linking an executive (CEO in this case but I believe it could also apply to other C level execs) to a brand is nothing new, (everyone knows the old Wendy’s commercials) but in a digital world, brands need to leverage their C levels on social media as well. Take a look at this article and let me know what you think!